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Now I thought that was created for the game, but actually, it was indeed from a comic a year prior, which was set in the 1930s. He even used a gun! Also known as the “Ends of the Earth” armor, the MK III Spider-Man armor is easily one of the most advanced suits Peter Parker ever created. As most may already know, Peni Parker is an alternate version of the Wall-crawler whose telepathic bond with a spider connects her to the suit of armor. Likewise, the suit itself almost looks more cloth than like actual armor, making for one of the weirder suits the Wall-Crawler has worn over the years. One fan is requesting that Insomniac include a character skin based on Activision’s PlayStation 1-era Spider-Man game in the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales featured unlockable alternate costumes from all across Peter and Miles’ storied histories as web-slinging crimefighters, allowing fans to play as their favorite versions of Spidey from the various comics, movies, and cartoons that have come over the years. Deciding to help but lacking any threads, Miles grabbed some goggles and a spiffy vest to save the day. One can’t help but notice the red webbing on the suit is akin to another popular webhead.

Spider-Man’s suit got ripped so he made this machine and black goo came out and went on Spider-man. Orange truly is the new black. The shot shows Peter Parker unmasked but still wearing the black and red Spider-Man costume from the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, and he’s standing outside Penn Station/Madison Square Garden where he first watched the Daily Bugle report. This in itself sparked a minor debate among fans in the comment section, as both the original Spider-Man game and its 2001 follow-up Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro featured different versions of Spidey’s costume, both with and without the Wall-Crawlers signature black webbing. The aftermath, a classic Kingpin face-off, will see Peter donning a new Spider-Man costume, one that has just been unveiled by Marvel with a March release date. That will end the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Guide: Suit Guide. Making its first cameo appearance at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), the Iron Spider Armor quickly became a fan favorite for many. Towards the end of the massively popular Spider-Man PS4 game, fans got yet another upgrade to their suit through what was deemed the Anti-Ock armor.

Though Tony’s features were eventually used against Peter, the armor itself still made for a fan-favorite among the comic devotees. Though Peter Parker isn’t the one in this insanely advanced suit, the SP//dr armor is still one of the best armors a spider-themed character has ever worn. Though it is far from the worst design ever, there are a lot of impractical elements to Spider-Man’s original suit of armor. Likewise, seeing the suit in action was an incredibly welcome experience as well, making it easy to see why it is one of Spider-Man’s best armors yet. I highly recommend that you check out the video posted above so that you can see it in action. He has had several incarnations in the comics, TV shows, movies, and video games, many of them have their ups and downs. Are there any other hyper-powerful Spider-Man costumes that should have been included? In Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it was revealed that the Osborn family suffers from a disease called Retroviral Hypodisplasia. Billed as a series of one-shots chronicling the final days of various Marvel heroes in the far future, Miles’ issue of “The End” saw him as an old man protecting the last bastion of civilization in Brooklyn as both Spider-Man and its mayor.

As someone who considers himself to be incredibly nerdy, J. enjoys DC, Marvel and independent titles equally. But some of those leaks claim that Marvel and Sony have shot different versions of the scene to prevent the major character death from leaking. This overpowered toolset allows Spider-Man the ability to stand up to any character within the Marvel Universe, and it blows any other Spidey suits out of the water. 5. Batman is always a favorite because Batman is such a cool character. The pure red undersuit looks like Carnage though, which is pretty cool I guess. Carnage the worst of all the Spider-Man villains? While the armor has an advantage in its color scheme and through one practical purpose, there’s really not much else to it making it a bit harder to see why Spider-Man would need a suit of this caliber to begin with. Though almost all of them serve a different or specific purpose, some have definitely proven to be quite powerful at times. At school he is seen as a geek that is picked on by the jocks and at home he is constantly haunted by the memory of parents and the void they have left in his life.

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