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The large web-shooters worn on the outside are a nice reference to his old Scarlet Spider identity. Here’s another great costume reference I get. Comics gave us the Symbiote black suit, the Iron Spider costume and then there’s the Spider-Verse, in which resides hundreds of different versions of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, some great and some not so much. By combing elements from the source material (especially in the white, buggy eyes) with that of the best cinematic designs to precede it (so, the Tobey Maguire suit), I would call this Spider-Man costume a near perfect marriage of those two worlds. Now the publisher has offered fans an early New Year’s present (that’s a thing, right?) with a look at two covers featuring Spidey in his new duds. While straying from Raimi’s depiction was absolutely the right direction to go in, Peter’s first Amazing Spider-Man suit places a comical amount of emphasis on the body’s blue, making Spider-Man look far less intimidating than he should. While they served as the first symbiote Spider-Man villains, both Venom and Carnage spawned multiple other symbiotes. For starters, there are several other Symbiotes in the comics, allowing for multiple villains to spawn from Venom’s debut.

Karl Malus, Norman Osborn, and even Eddie Brock have been Carnage in the comics, so the red symbiote could still return, even if it is without the character’s signature host. This is clearly indicated through the visual of Eddie laying on a bed in what looks to be a dingy rundown hotel room, only for the room around him to change into a much nicer looking one. Though when she couldn’t hear the roars, that’s when the foster mother began to worry and walked around in circles looking for the toddler. It’s also just an excellent looking suit that manages to look familiar without being derivative. Most people would also agree that practical effects look better than CGI, especially with superhero costumes (i.e. Green Lantern). His black and red Far From Home suit puts this on display better than any. For better or worse. Worse yet, Peter’s rebooted suit left quite a lot to be desired.

Going into The Amazing Spider-Man’s rebooted universe, some fans were hesitant. It might lack most of Spider-Man’s signature flairings outside of the color scheme, but that’s not a bad thing by any means whatsoever. Peter personally designing such a slick suit himself is probably a bit on the unrealistic side even for the Raimi trilogy, but given how “comic booky” those films tend to be, that’s not a bad thing. It’s currently unclear how/why Peter Parker gets some new digs throughout the course of Spider-Man: No Way Home, but it looks like he may be given some new powers as a result. Given Sony’s hold of the Venom character, Night Monkey almost seems like the MCU’s way of doing the Symbiote suit in their universe without actually needing to include Venom, the Symbiote, or a cartoonishly evil Peter Parker. In that regard, it’s a nice way of diving deeper into Peter’s character.

The suit is as classic as it gets, paying tribute to the character’s original design while also adding some nice flair of its own. NfuseDev is behind the fan art for the fabric-based suit, while ArtStation’s Pol Lerigoleur is behind the fan art for the organic-based suit. Andrew – a life long Spider-Man fan – is said to be signed on for one more instalment but it is not known if Gwen Stacy’s fate will mirror that of her comic book character. The more your heroic rate is the more % bonus your suits will give. Naturally, the Night Monkey suit isn’t nearly as iconic as the Symbiote suit, but it is one of Peter’s more stylish suits. Not only is it more down to earth, it actually looks stylistically appealing. This one looks quite a bit like the Raimi suit. It’s meant to look rubbish, but it perhaps embodies that essence a bit too much. Seeing how badly the blue clashed with the rest of the outfit, Peter’s suit in the sequel branches the red out just a bit more, creating a more complete and stylish look. I wanted to sort of mix all the suits we’ve seen from the movies (From Spider-man 2002 all the way up to Spider-Man: Homecoming) and make my own simple design out of it.

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