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The profoundly injured Miles returned to Ganke, who brought him back to the apartment, where Rio learned of his identity. In addition to Peter Parker’s powers, Miles has his own fighting style and a few additional skills, such as temporary invisibility or a venom strike. It’s a suit the audience gets to actively watch Peter build. The Raimi suit also gets upgraded between the first and second film, sporting very minor and subtle differences in the back half of the trilogy. Peter’s suit gets a nice little upgrade in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but it overcorrects a bit too much in the wrong direction. The Speed Demon wasn’t willing to work with Fisk, though, and went his own way and after Identity Crisis was now robbing banks all over the city in rapid succession, taking a little bit in each hit, wearing down the security systems and guards at each institution in each lightning fast take. In that regard, it’s a nice way of diving deeper into Peter’s character.

Not only that, it’s the makeshift suit that Peter wears during Homecoming’s finale, not his Spider-Man suit. While Peter does blow his cover pretty immediately in Far From Home, his brief stint as Night Monkey makes for a memorable set-piece. While straying from Raimi’s depiction was absolutely the right direction to go in, Peter’s first Amazing Spider-Man suit places a comical amount of emphasis on the body’s blue, making Spider-Man look far less intimidating than he should. Sloppily thrown together using whatever clothes Peter clearly had laying around, Raimi’s wrestling suit only makes a very brief appearance, but it helps to humanize Peter considerably. In an effort to keep his Spider-Man persona under wraps, Peter begins to act on edge as the uniformed man asks to check the contents of his back pack before being allowed entry. Tony Stark tells Spider-Man to get War Machine to a doctor and he’ll send Iron Man to help. Top it all off with a tattered loin cloth and readers get something that uses a lot of the classic colors and iconography but looks pretty atrocious. The freedom of the open-world Spidey – swinging through the city and crawling up buildings – is something that’ll never get old; caging him up is simply cruel.

We’ll let you watch Venom: Let There Be Carnage to discover how things pan out. It’s also clear in the visuals of Venom: Let There Be Carnage that the means of transportation is different to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, since the characters in that movie were sucked out of their home universes through portals. Speaking of cool, there are few superhero outfits as explicitly cool as Peter Parker’s Symbiote Suit. Over the years there have been several Green Goblins, from Norman’s son Harry to Phil Urich. Peter’s arc, while hard to stomach, does make for an interesting twist on “With great power comes great responsibility.” It’s one of the only suits in the series to have thematic relevant in its own movie which alone helps elevate above most of the lot. The suit is as classic as it gets, paying tribute to the character’s original design while also adding some nice flair of its own. It’s the character’s main iconography, so it has to be on display. Peter’s bout against Thanos makes for one of the best choreographed Spider-Man action scenes in the character’s history.

The only hint came when Hardy was spotted wearing a No Way Home logo hat, which are typically given out to people who work on a film, indicating he may have shot a scene or scenes for the movie. The muted blue was unappealing, the eye lenses were too small, and the red parts are way too glossy that it clashes with everything else. Given Sony’s hold of the Venom character, Night Monkey almost seems like the MCU’s way of doing the Symbiote suit in their universe without actually needing to include Venom, the Symbiote, or a cartoonishly evil Peter Parker. That said, Peter rarely if ever sticks to the same suit, constantly updating his look between films and universes. It’s meant to look rubbish, but it perhaps embodies that essence a bit too much. Seeing how badly the blue clashed with the rest of the outfit, Peter’s suit in the sequel branches the red out just a bit more, creating a more complete and stylish look. That being said, with the introduction of three DLCs, gamers will have the opportunity to play even more Spider-Man stories within the game. By working together with MJ the two of them figured out that the Speed Demon had a precise pattern he was hitting, loaded one of the bills they knew he’d grab with a hidden tracer, found his hideout, and had him webbed up and taken into police custody before the speedster even knew what had happened.

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