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brown squirrel on green leafed tree Every year Cooper looks forward to seeing the latest blockbusters from the likes of Marvel, DC, and Star Wars, but also loves the rush to catch up on Oscar films near the end of the year. The Camera Loves You (Bronze): Complete all XTreme Video challenges. A Dash of Spider (Bronze): Complete all XTreme Race challenges. The Iron Spider suit offers Peter a degree of agility he simply doesn’t have without robotic spider legs to move him around. Once they are in a large crowd around you, just keep performing combos on them and using your special move to keep the combo streak going and get the “I’m On A Roll” trophy. Let one lock-on to you, and then it will call in a Hunter. It’s one of the coolest ever produced, with a reversal of Peter Parker’s predominant red/blue motif, and a cape resembling webbing which allows him to glide. The owner of the apartment where Peter is staying is named Stan.

During the “S-01 Fight” chapter, you will encounter the large robot named S-01. During the “Hunter Fight” chapter, keep getting close to the Hunter and using Web-Strike to defeat it. In Chapter 1: Oscorp Is Your Friend, you will fight the S-01. Corporate (Bronze): Collect all Oscorp Manuals. Spider-Man stops the Mob and saves all OsCorp scientists, including Max Dillion. On the right side of the bridge is a red Spider-Man emblem. He was also able to catch and support a collapsing jet bridge and break through hard glass with a few blows. One of the few ’90s super-suits that actually still looks cool today, and that’s in part due to its spider symbol. The “black” version (looks blue to us) of the suit is, in fact, the design which besmirched the debut issue of Spider-Man 2099 back in 1992 and has been haunting us ever since in one form or another. Fans tend to favor that suit, which featured brighter tones, and consider it to be more traditional than the one Andrew Garfield donned in the reboot. The winner for this category could not be more clear. He said the drawstrings and extra fabric give “more design elements for our eyes to follow that can show off his speed and movement.” The second image is a rough “base layer” that follows traditional suit construction that fans are used to, with more technological components to it.

Chapter 10: Spidey No More! Chapter 12: Where Crawls The Lizard? Peace of Mind (Bronze): Return all escapees to the police. Negotiator (Bronze): Resolve all police deadlocks. Haymaker (Bronze): Perform a Web-Rush punch. Amazing Spider-Man (Bronze): Unlock all concept art. Finally, we have a video guide showing how to unlock all The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costumes: PS: The iOS mobile game, also called “The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Game”, contains unlockable costumes that can be obtained through gameplay and some through in-app purchases (through “Buy all suits”) like the Ultimate Comics Spider-man Suit. Given Sony’s hold of the Venom character, Night Monkey almost seems like the MCU’s way of doing the Symbiote suit in their universe without actually needing to include Venom, the Symbiote, or a cartoonishly evil Peter Parker. They look like gold eyebrows. Heavyweight Champion (Gold): Defeat 1000 enemies. Middleweight Champion (Silver): Defeat 500 enemies. Collect 500 comic book pages (there are 700 total pages: 100 flying pages, and 600 stationary in both the open world and in levels) to unlock the comic book page finder on the mini map (will appear as yellow dots).

First Black Cat: 125 pages First Gwen Stacy: 350 pages First Iguana: 250 pages First Lizard: 15 pages First Rhino: 50 pages First Scorpion: 80 pages First Smythe: 500 pages First Spider-Man: 5 pages Modern Lizard: 30 pages Vs. On the Fly (Bronze): Collect all 700 Spider-Man Comic Pages. Librarian (Bronze): Collect all magazines. Journalist (Bronze): Collect all audio evidence. Alternately, collect all 700 comics to unlock the Scarlet Spider (2012) suit. Disconnect your system from the internet, and set your system clock to anytime in August 2012 to unlock the Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Party Hat at Peter’s apartment. When the game starts, go to Peter’s apartment, and view the alternate costumes. Register any of the game’s DLC (including any pre-order code you may have received) to unlock the Classic suit (Sam Raimi trilogy) in Peter’s apartment. Would it have saved the movie? The artist, Dragonalth, has created a unique costume that strives to draw attention to the colors of Spidey’s iconic suit. Their relationship is complicated, but not so much that Miles won’t make a costume with the colors of his uncle’s antihero persona. The hood over the costume was unmistakably Ben Reilly’s aka the Scarlet Spider except that the colours had been inverted with a red hood over a blue costume.